Invoices Accounting export ?


I’m looking for a way to export all invoices (each product/service line must be exported in detailed) for a period in a csv file so my accounting will be able to import in his software without having to make in manually…

Any clue ?



If you go to Settings > Import/Export, the Export section is at the bottom. You can select CSV, then choose “Selected” and only check the Invoice tickbox.

This might be exactly what you’re looking for, as each product line gets its own row, and each row having a column for Client, Client Email, Invoice Number, Invoice Amount, Amount Paid, PO Number, Status, Invoice Date, Due Date, Discount, Partial/Deposit, Partial Due Date, Public and Private Notes, Exchange Rate, Item, Item Notes, Item Cost, and Item Quantity.

Just be aware that the Amount and Paid columns will reference the totals on the invoice, so each row will likely contain the same information. Make sure your accountant is aware of that, and that when they import, they only take those numbers from one of the rows in a set with matching invoice numbers. Otherwise things could end up way off.

Also, it will export all invoices, so it might be a good idea to go into the file and delete any rows before the current tax period if they don’t need them.

Hello Titanfail

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

I saw this possibility as a workaround, but for now i just get the export to fail probbaly because my hosting config is a little short (i will upgrade my hosting plan if needed to get this working) to execute the request on the full period :-/

As I have access to the database if needed, any chance you got the skills to tell me what would be the mysql to csv request to launch this on a precise period as we can’t do such on the Web GUI ? :slight_smile:

That would help a loooooooot as actually, we do manual entry for our accounting…



I’ve done some testing on test install on my computer…
That looks promising indeed.

There are still some points I would appreciate to improve with this export like for example
Export of invoice does not include customer ID, wich is important because name of company

I have really bad knowledge on PHP, all i know is tweak a little…
Is there a php page in sources i can tweak to make it an export page request to customize what columns i will find on invoices export ?