InvoiceNinja V5 Windows app only loading one company?

At startup was a new version of the desktop app. After that I noticed that only one (of my several) companies is loading. Is the same problem that I allready reported on Android: Android app only loading one company. The companies are showing all data when logged in via Chrome in the browser.

Desktop is on: V5.3.23-C59

So I closed the Windows app and restarted the app. Then it shows data for another company, but when I switch to the third company there is a message:
Please wait for the data to finish loading

Have you tried logging out and then back in?

I closed the app and restarted to log out. But before I could do that, the app was updating itself.

After update I could see all invoices at all companies.

A bit strange that the versions still seems to be the same according to the app info.

I think the bug is that after you login you need to manually refresh the data the first time you change companies, we’ll work to correct it.

We update the client version when deploying a new mobile version, we don’t update the version with new web releases.