InvoiceNinja V5 Android app only loading one company?

I just installed the new app. I have a pro plan with three companies. One is showing. The other are empy or only showing one entry…

Not sure what is going on with it. Maybe a setting?


Do you see all of the companies when logging into the web app?

I see all of the companies in Web app and in Windows desktop app.

Is it possible you’re using the v4 mobile app/which exact version are you using?

I’m using the V5.3.20-A57 version of the Android app.

Have you tried logging out and then back in? All of the apps are built from one codebase, in theory they should perform identically.

I logged out, then back in. No luck.
Then I deinstalled and reinstalled. Still no luck.

I’m not sure, we plan to share a new release which may possibly help.