Update Notifications - Multiple Emails For Same Update

Since I originally had a trial account for the hosted version of InvoiceNinja, I still get the notifications of new versions. However, I’ve noticed that it sends multiple emails every time there’s an update. For 3.8, I received four separate emails within a couple of minutes. All with the same information. For 3.7, I got six emails.

Then I looked at the cards on Trello. 3.7 had six new features. 3.8 has four new features. It seems as though Trello or whatever system is sending out one email per new feature in each update.

Any way to change that for the people using the hosted versions?

Can you check which email addresses the newsletter was sent to, maybe we have more than one of your addresses on file? If that’s the case you can click the ‘Unsubscribe’ link to prevent getting more emails to the particular address.

OK…I…feel dumb now…

Somehow it had me@domain, me+tag@domain, and me+tag2@domain, apparently leftover from when I was testing things out. Everything went to the same inbox since it’s technically the same address, and I never bothered to check the To: fields…