- Recurring Invoice not sent

Last month, (the 1st month) I have set up recurring invoices and the invoices automatically sent on the invoice due date (20-Jul-18).
This month it did not send and it is as if the invoice date did not roll over to “20-Aug-18”.

I now went back and completed a “End Date” of 20-Dec-19, as maybe that was missing to complete auto function?

The status currently reflects:
Frequency: Monthly
Start Date: 20-Jul-18
End date: 20-Dec-19
Due date: 1st day of month (which I am presuming is due date of payment)

In the right corner the summary reflects:
Sent last: 20-Jul-18
Send Next: 20-Aug-18
Due Next: 01-Sep-18

What am I missing? Should I now rather send all invoices manually for this month?

Maybe the cron just hasn’t run yet today?

You can try manually running the artisan command to check the output.

/usr/local/bin/php /path/to/ninja/artisan ninja:send-invoices