InvoiceNinja 5 Ubuntu error PHP 8.1

Apache 24, PHP 8.1
I get a error 500

this is the error log:

Any help or ideas would be amazing. thank you.


Thanks for the error details, @david any thoughts?

I’ve only seen this issue when the PHP version was PHP 8.0

can you check that PHP 8.1 is being used by apache by loading a page with phpinfo() please

this is how the error message looks.

In /var/log/ check the errors in php8.1-fpm.log there will be more information there.

just checked. I don’t have a php8.1-fpm.log.

Hi @david any idea now? I get this error with all but my main html site. Maybe something to do with .htaccess?

Ah, if you are using Apache, there would not be a php-fpm log.

You could try running APP_DEBUG=true to see if the exception dumps to the screen. otherwise we just need access to the PHP error that the server is seeing…

If you run

php artisan tinker

Do you see an exception or does the record appear?

this is the result of php artisan tinkerer. i think i did it right.

@david Okay, i seem to have fixed the extention errors with openssl and its no longer throwing error 500 but its now showing this:

It sounds like you have PHP error reporting on strict mode.

you’ll not want it to throw on deprecation or notice errors.

turning that off just makes it go back to the http error 500 page i sent above.