$invoiceDetails and $clientDetails Custom Layout Keeps Changing

Every time I try to create a new invoice and apply my custom design, the layout of the $invoiceDetails and $clientDetails fields keeps changing.

I’ve noticed that it stays put when I select my first client whose details I used when setting up the custom design. But when I input a different client’s details, it all goes wonky. The $invoiceDetails section gets additional line breaks and is squeezed, like the column width has been decreased. And the $clientDetails area gets more padding to the right of the invoice.

The template that I edited is the ‘Clean’ template. I basically wanted to change the ClientDetail from being left aligned to right. I also wanted the entire content block to be on the right side of the invoice and not in the centre (I think it’s originally in a middle column). On editing the code to do this, it puts line breaks in the InvoiceDetails area, which puts invoice and number of “Invoice Number” on two separate lines, while the number INV0002 sits in the centre… eg


(ignore the … - I used those because spaces didn’t work) Please help, as InvoiceNinja’s support has proven pretty useless. They don’t know how to edit the code!

Do you still need help with this?