Invoice Web View link doesn't work properly inside iframe code of apple safari browser

Hi, I am having trouble with putting direct invoice link in embedded through iframe code.

I have disabled the client portal and I am on enterprise HOSTED account (not self hosted)

Here is the invoice link.

Here is the website link where iframe code is enabled.

I tested in various apps where I can use iframe to display content and it appears to have the same error.

It works absolutely fine except on apple devices using safari. It pushes user to login page when opened in safari browser through iframe code but direct link works fine in safari. only problem happening through iframe.

I think there is some error which you need to fix so user didn’t go to client portal page on safari browser when link is embedded through iframe.


I believe Safari disabled third-party cookies by default which may explain the behavior.

But I checked the privacy settings in safari browser and it was already unchecked. See attached

Do you have any solution for it? It happens only in iframe inside safari browser. It works fine in safari direct browser though. I really need it because I am developing a pwa application where my majority of users will have ios devices.


We don’t support showing the client portal in an iFrame.