Invoice "to" name and email doesn't correspond to checked item

I have a client with 4 or so contacts. I want to send an invoice to (for instance) contact #2 but the invoice always shows contact #1.


The app currently always shows the first contact on the invoice.

Curious then what are the items for? Will the email go to the correct contact? Thanks!

By ‘items’ do you mean checkboxes?

When clicking email invoice the invoice is sent to contacts which are checked.

The first contact is essentially going to be the primary name to show up on invoices and what not. But if you check the email on contact 2 it’ll only send it to contact 2.

I just stumbled upon the same issue. I use version 4.5.21. I have a few contacts added to a single client. The contacts were added in random order. I want to send an invoice only to the second contact person, and the email is correct, but the name is wrong. So I send an email to Kyle, and it always says “Hi Alice”. It looks like a bug, not a feature.

Is there any solution for that?