Invoice Terms Spacing

I cannot get the spacing correct on my terms.

  1. It left justifies the terms, even though I have them centered on the default page.
  2. There only appears to be heading or preformatted choices. The heading I want gives too much space between it and the next line. Choosing a different heading helps the spacing, but the font size is too small. There does not seem to be a font size or spacing option. I have looked in the design details, but nowhere do I find terms?

I would be happy to share the design if that would help.



  1. Can you explain what you mean by “I have them centered on the default page”?

  2. If you use a custom design you can use CSS to set the style.

Here are the centering and spacing issues. The one is the default and the other is the actual invoice from the custom design.

The terms are centered in the available space, to achieve that would require a custom design.

I am using a custom design. So how do I go about changing the spacing on the actual custom design invoice?


Try moving the terms variable lower down in the design.

Thanks. I can try that. How do I move the word “Terms” down and where do I find that on the attached?

I’ve looked into it, sorry I don’t believe it’s easily achievable.