Invoice terms not used for recurring invoices

I’m using v5.1.65-C48 and set standard invoice-terms.
When creating a a new invoice, the invoice-terms are automatically used, but when I’m creating a recurring invoice, the field for the invoice-terms (and invoice footer) remain empty.

Am I missing something obvious?


Thanks for reporting this!

@david I think we need to correct this on both sides

@hillel @meisterkeks

From my testing the app is working correctly. Default company terms are passed through when the invoice is generated from the recurring invoice.

Thanks, that makes sense. I incorrectly thought the terms should be set directly on the recurring invoice.

Thanks, for your fast response. I misunderstood the function and was the same opinion as hillel.

@david Just confirming… When I create a recurring invoice i don’t see the default company terms and footer in the preview window… will it only show when the recurring invoice is generated and sent out? My recurring invoices all show properly in the preview with the exception of the default terms and footer info which should flow from my defaults. The Invoice Terms and Invoice Footer sections in the settings area above the recurring invoice preview box do show the flow through terms/footer in light gray text and let me override it if I want. Thanks!!


The default terms are injected in when the invoice is created.

They are hidden from view by default as the default terms can be overridden, so it is safe to assume that the defaults will always be used when the user doesn’t enter anything in.

Hey o/ This doesn’t work on my end unfortunately. I migrated my installation from v4 to v5 today and so far everything is okay besides of the default company terms. I created a test company, added some default values and a recurring invoice, but the default values are missing in the generated PDF. How can this be?