Invoice template: contact variables

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to add the client’s (first) contact firstName and lastName as a variable in a custom template. We’re currently using invoiceninja 4.5.17 selfhosted. Somehow I can’t find a way to do it…

Hope someone can help me out with this one… Thanks a lot in advance!

Edit: added “as a variable in a custom template” - this got lost somehow…


I am using version 4.5.19 and the First Name/Last Name is showing right next to the Details tab like its shown in the screenshot below.

If it is an existing client, you click on edit client and you will have the same window as shown in the screenshot.

Hi Nizzo,

thanks a lot… Sorry, I messed up my original question…

Do you know how I use these fields in a customized template? I want to prepend the quotes with a personalized text. Like “Dear $firstName, …”. I’m able to extend the Template just fine - and some variables/fields work perfectly. Is there maybe a list of variables I can use? (I know of the variables list in app/Services/TemplateService.php) but somehow they don’t work.

You can click the blue question mark next to the subject input to see the full list of fields.

Wow! Thank you so much! It seems not to work in the template preview but works like a charm when generating a quote / invoice!
Have a great day!