Invoice task items become disordered after X item

What version of Invoice Ninja are you running? ie v4.5.25 / v5.0.30

What environment are you running?

Have you checked log files (storage/logs/) Please provide redacted output

Have you searched existing issues?

Have you reported this to Slack/forum before posting?

Describe the bug
The order of the task items become out of order after the 17th+ item or when the item table reaches the 2nd page of the PDF generation

Steps To Reproduce

  • Create an invoice
  • Assign Client
  • Fill Tasks till you reach the 2nd page of the pdf invoice

Expected behavior
keep the same order as displayed from the invoice item

(v5) Can you replicate the issue on our demo site?
Yes, actually

Hey there, thanks for reporting this.

This is already on my to-do & you can track this issue on GitHub.