invoice show blank after change to https

I am having problem all my invoice was blank and unable to save after i change my site to https:

Are there any errors in the browser console and/or webserver logs?

Hi, it was unable to save.

when in https mode, i was unable to see any client, invoice…etc

Please check for details in the browser console and server/application error logs.

attach please find the error console from chrome

where to get this server/application error logs

Can you check that the APP_URL value in the .env file starts with ‘https’

The server log location will depend on the server you’re using, for Apache it’s usually /var/log/apache2/error.log, the application logs are in storage/logs/laravel-error.log

yes, it start with https in .env

i am using cpanel

In this capture ( why are both .com and listed, are you using a proxy?

Based on that capture it looks like they are using CloudFlare… This will require extra work on the cloudflare part to assure SSL is transferred over.