Invoice reminder sent when imvoice is already paid


I manually marked an invoice 8 days ago as paid. Today the client received a reminder email for the invoice already paid. In the v4 hosted solution we did not have this issue. Could you check, I don’t want to push clients for invoices already paid :slight_smile:



Thanks for letting us know!

cc @david

Hi Eric,

I’m not sure how this one is possible, here is the query we are using.

        Invoice::where('next_send_date', '<=', now()->toDateTimeString())
                 ->where('is_deleted', 0)
                 ->whereIn('status_id', [Invoice::STATUS_SENT, Invoice::STATUS_PARTIAL])
                 ->where('balance', '>', 0)
                 ->whereHas('client', function ($query) {
                           ->where('deleted_at', NULL);
                 ->whereHas('company', function ($query) {

Is/Was there anything on the invoice that can give us some kind of clue why it may have been sent? Is it possible that the invoice was manually sent as this would generate a reminder email.

Reminders are sent on the hour, so another clue would be to look at the send time, if it was sen on the hour, it is more likely the come from a system reminder. If it didn’t send on the hour, the it definitely wouldn’t have been a system email.