Invoice/Quote Creation Not Working In v3.3.0

Just updated to 3.3.0 and it seems the invoice/quote creation is completely broken. Nothing appears in the client selector (can’t even type in a name), the date and quote fields don’t populate, the item fields don’t auto-complete, terms don’t appear, and the live preview is just a blank grey block.

My clients and items are all still there, as they show up in their respective sections of the application, but it seems that absolutely nothing is getting pulled into the invoice or quote creation screens.

Quote Creation Blank

Are there any errors in the browser console?

Ninja Console

Can you click ‘create:2231’ to see the line of code.

self.products = [{“account_id”:1,“user_id”:1,
The rest of the string seems to be raw code for what appears to be my entire product list. Creation dates, update dates, product ID’s, descriptions, the works.

It could be a problem with one of the product texts. If you want to email an export of your products to list I’ll try to replicate the problem.

Also just noticed I get the same errors when trying to view previous quotes or invoices.

If it’s easier you can just email us the full line of code starting with self.products.


Thanks, I think I see the problem.

To improve security we added code to strip tags from the data, I believe the ‘<’ symbol is causing the problem.

We’ll include a fix in our next release, for now you should be able to fix it by updating the product text.


I have the same problem, is it possible to have the fix while waiting for the next release ?


You should be able to fix it by removing the less than symbol

I’ve understood that but where, in which file ?

Thanks in advance.

From the data, not the code.

OK, Finally I read more carefully the initial thread and I realize that it’s not exactly the same issue. I’m opening a new thread as my problem is in modifying the invoice model. Nothing is getting pulled into the invoice or quote preview screens.

Sorry for the mistake.