Invoice Primary Color SSL Issue

I have a self hosted install of InvoiceNinja. I just recently implemented SSL on the server. Everything went well but I noticed an interesting bug afterwards with InvoiceNinja. The primary color for the invoice changes to blue on the “View as recipient” page regardless of what I have set in the invoice design settings. This only appears to effect the “View as recipient” page. All other invoice previews work as intended.

I tired adding SESSION_ENCRYPT=true and SESSION_SECURE=true to the .env file and also uncommenting the SSL rules in the.htaccess file but this did not fix the issue. Any ideas why this could happen and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

I think this is a bug in our previous version, this should be resolved in v2.4.7.

I don’t believe it’s related to SSL.

You are right. I updated my InvoiceNinja to 2.4.7 and it fixed the issue. Thanks.