Invoice preview freezes browser


I am using macOS Bifg Sur, with Safari v14.0.1 and whenever I visit an Invoice Ninja page that shows a preview of an invoice, the page gets completely stuck, and I have to close the browser window. And when I visit that page again, the same issue appears.

This is an example page that displays this behaviour.

There is a preview window at the bottom of the page causing this issue.

I don’t know if this is a browser issue, but I would prefer using Safari.
Any way to fix this?


One workaround is to disable the PDF preview on Settings > Account Management

I did that. The preview still appears on the specific page.

For that page I think you would need to use Firefox

I get that, but I would really prefer not to install a new browser just for one page.

An alternate solution would be to set an invoice to the custom design and preview the PDF in the client portal

Is there any solution to this? I would expect my clients who view the invoice on the portal will have their browsers freeze as well…

If you’re self-hosting the app you may want to consider updating to v5

Chiming in. Huge problem, needs to be fixed ASAP. I pay for hosted, and it looks like the only answer is to just wait you folks decide to push an update an eternity from now. Been over 2 months here, we need solutions on this simple issue.

Could not agree more.

I need this fixed too.

Just had yet another client ask me why they can’t pay their invoice because the link freezes their browser. When is this going to be fixed? This isn’t something that hosted users can just ignore until v5!

We’re looking into it but aren’t able to provide a date.

2 months later after the last response to this issue and this problem still persists.

If this is how Invoice Ninja treats major bugs and problems for its hosted customers, I really have no choice but to find a more reliable invoicing provider.

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I logged into Invoice Ninja on my Mac today, and noticed that it’s been 5+ months of this problem existing. They simply don’t care enough.

Sorry for the trouble! If anyone in this thread would like to join the hosted v5 beta please send an email to