Invoice Payment of balance credits

Hi All

I want to ask if it is possible for customers to put money on the credit balance and a new invoice to automatically repayment of this balance.
This would be very useful in cases where there are multiple invoices each month for the customer and will not ever have to make payment for each.

Thank you

Yes, this is supported.

If you create a credit and then create a recurring invoice with auto-bill set to always, when the invoice is emailed we’ll use the credit to automatically create a payment.

I tried to create recurring invoice but I do not see anywhere the setting for the auto-bill.
Where is it ?

I see the problem, although it works for credits we currently only show the auto-bill option if a payment gateway which supports token billing is enabled.

We’ll include this change with our next release.

οκ Thank you

This will only apply to the recurring invoices or all ?
Because I create invoices via API from another application will it be very useful to apply to all invoices.

If you’re using the API you can use this for all invoices.

You wan’t to set auto_bill to true in the posted data.

OK… And one last question
Can I by using API to create and send the customer a credit payment?

I believe if you set email_invoice to true and a payment is made it will send a ‘Thanks for your payment’ email to the client. I’d suggest testing it to confirm.