Invoice pay-off schedule

Our business would greatly benefit from the ability to give people invoices with a payoff schedule, rather than a simple percentage split. So like, total due in 10 months, automatically invoiced for 10% of the total each month until the due date. Clients could make their first payment, and sign up for automatic credit card billing at that time if they wanted.

This would make it so so so much easier for us to sell our services.

Have you considered using recurring invoices with auto-billing enabled and the end date set. You’d need to manually calculate the monthly payment amount but it should fit most of your needs.

Yeah, that looks pretty good. But, it means that I can’t fill the invoice with products in the system, instead I’ll need an invoice to track the sale, and a separate invoice to collect the payments. That’s a decent workaround, but before long it’s going to get messy. But it’s actually almost there already. There just needs to be a way to say “this invoice total, billed this much, until this date”. We’re just missing the first step. Unless I’m missing something.

To use this approach you’d need to divide the total amount by the number of invoices.

Assuming the products are the same on all of the invoices you can fill it in the first one and it will be carried over, unless I’m missing something.

I’m just confused. if I add a $2000 product to the invoice, won’t it repeat $2000 until the end date?

As mentioned above you’d need to divide the amount by the number of invoices. For example if it’s $2,000 over 10 months you’d create the invoice for $200.

Yeah, okay, that’s what I was assuming. It would require one invoice to keep track of their total balance, and a separate invoice to bill them monthly. I can’t use predefined products, because the the monthly price has to be the invoice total, not their total bill, which is being paid off over multiple months. This method also won’t make it clear for the client how much they have left to pay.

So, again, while this is an okay work around, but it’s messy and prone to mistakes if you have more than a few running at the same time. It would be much better if this kind of functionality were officially supported. It also isn’t that far off of what’s already there and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would get a lot of benefit out of a this.

Master Invoice:

Product1 - description - $500
Product2 - description - $500
Product3 - description - $500
Product4 - description - $500

Actual billing invoice:

Undefined Product - monthly payment for Product 1,2,3 and 4 - $200

I agree, this is messy and may become difficult to manage. Just trying to help make it work…

We’ll consider this use-case for a future release.

Thanks for the help!

+1 on Having a payment schedule on an invoice.
Payment Schedule
30% due on 26/02/2018 » Paid on 27/02/2018.
30% due due on 26/02/2018 » Proceed to payment
20% due on 16/03/2018 » Proceed to payment
20% due on 02/04/2018 » Proceed to payment