Invoice Number


how can I generate an invoice number as YYYY-MM-DD?


If you’re self hosting you could change the getNextInvoiceNumber() function in app/Models/Account.php to return date(‘Y-m-d’)

It works!

return ‘RE-’ . date(“Ymd”) . ‘-’ . $number;

Thank you

Added a feature request.

I will try to work on this issue if I find time.

That would be great, thanks!

Sorry for hijacking this here but I am new and I would like to know how this can be done on a hosted solution with invoiceninja. We would like to auto add the current year to the invoice number example MHCi/2015/123456. I get the first bit (MHCi/) can be added at invoice settings along with the invoice number (/123456). What about the YYYY, in my above example, how can I do that?

Thank you in advance


For now you’d need to add the year under the invoice settings and remember to change it.

In an upcoming release we’ll be supporting this in the app.


what variables for “Custom invoice number generation” are available now? I can’t find any docu.
I have version 2.4.5.

Thank you in advance

Go to /settings/invoice_settings, “Invoice Settings”, and in the right block “Invoice and Quote Numbers”, you can switch (the radio button) from “Prefix” to “Pattern”. You then have a “?” icon in the input field on the right. Click on that, and you get a modal dialog with all the options.

Does that help?

Yes, thank you