invoice number issue

I have an issue creating invoices,

I’ve had a problem and had to delete one invoice, since then the automatic numbering is off.

it’s ahead 1 invoice all the time and i need to manually adjust it , when i set the correct number in the settings and save it, it still doesnt go 1 invoice back in time…

any fix for this in DB or something ?

Can you check on the Invoice Settings page (/company/advanced_settings/invoice_settings) that the value for the invoice number counter matches the value you want for the next invoice number.

Hi ,

I tried that to set it from for example from 12 to 11 again but when creating a new invoice it went back to 12 again skipping 11

I fixed it yesterdayevening by removing the faulty invoice not showing in the system from the database and this fixed my error ! good thing the database is very clear

If a deleted invoice exists with a matching invoice number then the app will automatically skip it to ensure there aren’t conflicts.

We’ll look into making this clearer/make the app more flexible.