Invoice Ninja V4

Has anyone had this issue with invoice ninja V4, trying to process payments through We recently reset our API keys, and we updated all the settings in invoice ninja accordingly. Our authorize account is also set to live, in order to process transactions properly. We also have the correct certificates installed on the domain that are not self signed. So we are not 100% sure why we are getting this error. Any insight is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

This is the error we are receiving when processing payments.
Authorizenet_aim: [curl] 60: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain [url]


This may help:

I updated the correct files however I’m still getting that error, when checking the console there does seem to be an error on the page.

card.js:148 Card can’t find a expiryInput in your form.

However in the form there is a slot for the expiration date for the credit/ debit card. Could this be causing the error?

Sorry, I’m not sure…

You might find some useful tips here. Seems to be a way to bypass the curl SSL verification shown in here, and a website to confirm your cert is not expired.

Good luck.

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