Invoice ninja stops

When I check the log it says a directory does not exist.
This should probably adressed with an update?

I am running IN on my Synology in Docker, installed with the tutorial of Marius Hosting



Are you running the latest version?

I did update recently in container manager

Checked in Portainer, version 5.6.14

That’s a much older version, the latest version is v5.7.25

I used to see updates in container manager or portainer but not now…

Sorry, I’m not familiar with portainer.

The latest version is available on docker hub:

I’ll check with Marius…

worked with the following:
Now to solve the issue just change the following line in your docker stack compose:

image: invoiceninja/invoiceninja:latest


image: invoiceninja/invoiceninja:5.7.22

then update the stack in Portainer.

Glad to hear it’s working, thanks for sharing the solution!