Invoice Ninja logo/Custom Invoice

Hi I am running on a shared hosting a new Version of Invoice Ninja
A Couple of issues,
1.I have the white label license but the Invoice Ninja logo is still on the Invoices.I have tried /update?secret=???
But it does not fix it.
2.When i change the invoice template and then view the invoice no changes are made, i read it could be that the QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync but have also changed to database with no fix.


  1. Have you uploaded your logo on Settings > Company Details?

  2. I think this may be a bug, it should be resolved in the next release.


After the white label is applied the old invoices need to be regenerated to remove the logo, just resave the invoice and the PDF will update.

Thanks ill give that a try and report back

@david Many Thanks David, the Invoice Ninja logo is now removed on re-saving the invoices, Thanks
Yes I have re-uploaded the logo. David has advised of the fix
will await update to fix the invoice design. ( I hope it is soon)


if you change the default invoice design, you’ll want to apply it to all invoices.

this should update the existing invoices, else, from the settings panel of the invoice, you can change the design there also.