Invoice Link Has Stopped Working


I don’t know what I have edited or changed but the invoice link no longer works.

I clicked a link in a mail to view an invoice and got the following error:
Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.

Here’s the link (With the URL blocked out of-course)

I’m not sure, it’s important APP_URL is correct in the .env file for the link to work.

The link format doesn’t look right to me, it should be

Apologies, this is self hosted Hillel, I forgot to mention.

I realize, but your link is /client?XXXXXXXXXX whereas mine is /client/dashboard/XXXXXX. Seems like it may be related.

I fixed it. I set a new sub domain and hey presto.


Having a similar problem with Invoice Ninja - v4.5.13 run via Docker.
In the email notification to myself about an invoice that was sent out there is a button to view the invoice:

Clicking that button leads to:
https://mydomain.tld//invoices/50 which gices “Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.”

if I remove one of the 2 // => https://mydomain.tld/invoices/50 I get redirected to https://mydomain.tld/login which seems to be the desired outcome.

where does this // come from? any way to fix it?

Maybe there is a slash at the end of the APP_URL setting in the .env file?

yes there was a trailing slash and I have removed it now but shouldn’t the web server be able to deal with a double slash? most do.

Did it fix the problem?

sorry but I can’t confirm yet as I have to wait for another invoice to be sent out and then check the link inside the notification email.