Invoice Item Cost field?


Is there a way to add the “cost” field for invoice items?

Under Settings > Product Settings, I’ve enabled “Show Product Cost”, and this works well when adding an item to Product (as the cost field comes up).

However when creating a new invoice (or editing an existing invoice), I can’t add a cost to the invoice item (not to be confused with “unit cost”, which is actually the “price” of the product).

Under the reports, I can do a report for Invoice Item and there is an option to select cost as a field. If I entered a cost in the product, then choose that product in an invoice, it comes up. However if I create a new product while creating the invoice, it just comes up as 0 with what appears to be no way to update it.

I have the setting “Update Products” under Settings > Product settings OFF, so I can’t see the Product in the Products page and add the cost in after the fact.


The app doesn’t support adding the product cost to the invoice but one option may be to configure a custom product field.

Is this something currently missing or is it designed not to have a cost on the invoice screen?

I’m currently using a custom field, but the reason I was hoping it would be baked in is mainly around reporting (i.e. wouldn’t the profit/loss report rely on the cost of each product?)

Obviously the other reason as well is not having to use an extra custom field (as the cost field is there, just appears to be missing on the invoice screen).

Would you want the cost shown on the invoice or would you want it saved but not shown so it could be used to calculate profit.

@david what do you think about adding a cost field to the line items? Seems useful to track the product cost at the time of invoice creation.

Just saved and not shown to calculate profit. Exactly the same as how it operates when adding a Product, only as you mention, being able to do it at the time of invoice creation.

Right now you can achieve this with the setting “Update Products” to ON, adding the product first with the cost and price, then adding to the invoice. Being able to do it in one step (adding straight to invoice), or being able to do it with “Update Products” set to off would be great.

Not sure I understand your second comment, the “update products” setting affects products not the invoice?

Currently when you create an invoice the product price becomes the line item cost. It sounds like it would be useful to add a line item product cost field to track the original product cost. Currently it’s tracked in the product but not the invoice.

Yep, that’s exactly right.

Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that if you enable the “update products” setting, you can manually edit the product after you create the invoice and update the cost price (and it shows up in the reporting). If you don’t have this setting enabled, you cannot do it at all, as the product does not get copied to the Products section.

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Is there news regarding this feature? that’s exactly what we’d need and the only thing missing for us to use invoiceninja.

This has been partially implemented, the product cost should now be carried over to the report.