Invoice import - incorrect date format

Self hosting 4.5.17

I am importing historical invoices from another system via csv file and have a strange issue. My configured date format on the system is dd/mm/yyyy and new invoices created online show that correctly and, when exported to csv show as that.

I just loaded an invoice dated 09/01/2017 and it loaded to the system as 01/09/2017 - an invoice dated 24/01/2017 loaded with today’s date 20/02/2020 presumably because month 24 would be treated as an error.

I amended the dates in the loader file to be mm/dd/yyyy and they loaded correctly as dd/mm/yyyy.

Is there a flag or config item I have missed?

If you’re importing data YYYY-MM-DD is the best format to use

Please only post to one place

Thank you for responding, I will test with that format.

Apologies for the dual post - which location is most appropriate to use?


Feel free to choose any (GitHub, support forum, email, Slack) but it’s easier for us if you just pick one, we’re the same developers answering in all places

Great! - Invoices loaded correctly now, many thanks.



Awesome, glad to hear it!