Invoice Email Function is Unusable

Hi, so I wanted to look at this a little more. I’m using v5.0.44-C37 on docker right now. The emailed invoice as it is - it’s all over the place. Customizing the template yields few answers, and no matter what, the output of an emailed message is unusable from the client end.

Let’s start with what my template looks like:
A note that I’ve followed some of the basic conventions regarding the basic invoice template. I have not added and line breaks (< br >) because they’re added later (the above screen should signal that). But, as far as customizing the template, I haven’t done much.

I get to the “Email Invoice” screen and this also seems ok:

In addition, the preview at right shows me what this reasonable, basic invoice email should look like on the other end (everything seems ok up to this point):

Ok, so I send that.

Here’s what the client sees on the other side:

The text is also gray (not as visible in the screenshot). So, yea, this tool is completely unusable and forces me to create and send email messages manually (which, with recurring invoices makes things far more challenging). I would like this part of your program to work. It’s pretty important. What can be done to improve this?

Hey there, this is being reported by one more user. We’ll check this pretty soon & let you know about it.


That’s great, thanks @ben

Managed to get a recurring invoice to fire - and this is what that one looks like (from the client-side):