Invoice Duplication or Triplication Issue

Good day I have a problem with the invoice module each time that I am generating a new invoice It’s doubling the entry items and after save the total show the double final amount and sometimes its triplicate the values, how can I fix this issue?

Thank you in advanced If you have some questions about it please let me know.



I’ve seen this issue before, it can happen if the web server is limiting the allowed number of input fields. You should be able to correct it by increasing max_input_vars in the php.ini file.

Thank you for your quickly respond, what could be a good number to the max_input_vars?

Right now its on 1000?


It depends on how large your invoices are, maybe try 5000?

Thank you Sir, I was applying chages to my php.ini file I am testing now.

Just one more question how many entry items could be the best recommend per invoice

I appreciate your time and help.


You can add this in the .env file to set the limit


Great, Thank you for your help, can i increase the value?

Yes, you can change the number