Invoice Design Problems v5

Hey, i have some Problems with the Design of v5. Is there a possibility to set a background? Because the footer of the last page ist everywhere but not on the end of the page. If i try with “enter” to set place to get it down, sometimes it works but sometimes it asks me if invoice ninja is installed on the server. I tought this versions works but there are so many bugs :frowning:


“So many” sounds like quite a lot, can you please share all of the bugs you’ve found so we can work on them?

@ben do you have any thoughts on the footer problem?

Hey, i hope you dont get me wrong, i really like to work with invoice ninja but now i work more on way to get my invoices and qotes done then on my primary business.

I will make topics for each problem.


We’re here to help but obviously don’t appreciate our app being talked about badly, we’ve spent a lot of our time working on it.

We’ve labeled v5 as stable which means there may be some bugs but there shouldn’t be “so many”.

I appreciate that realy and i am sorry that it looks like that i dont treasure it.

The think is i try for 1 week to get the invoice design like it was. and now i got this problem:

One the first page i got the footer on the buttom but on the last page it is directly under the summary.

Do you have any advice?

No worries, let’s figure this out…

@ben is the resident PDF expert, hopefully he’ll be able to help.

Hey there, thanks for reaching us.

Originally, Invoice Ninja whitelabel logo was strictly positioned at the bottom but it caused so many problems with content overlapping.

However, if you want to do it, it’s pretty simple:

(of course, you can swap #footer selector with your own, if it’s different).

thank you for your answer… when i do it like this, then the footer will override the products if i put in more than 1 page

@ben is it possible to increase the page bottom margin to correct it?

Yep, it’s possible to increase the bottom margin, but it’s really messy and it’s quite impossible to get it working in all cases & that said, I don’t recommend using it. However, if you want to do it, just let me know please.

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Ok thank you… so it would be better if i dont use the bottom margin, is it possible to set a background like it was in v4, then i would put it in an image?

You mean something like Photo design in version 4?