Invoice date variable ?


Could you please tell me what is the variable for the invoice date?
I want to incluse it in the email that i send the invoice to customers.
(Like $amount is the variable for the invoice amount).

Thank you

I believe it’s $invoiceDate

Also, if you go into Settings > Templates & Reminders, clicking the “?” next to the Subject field will open up a list of all the variables you can use.

I’m seeking accounting program alternative or a good invoicing. I thought I would be more successful finding something that was free. It appears like every software that advertises as an app that is free isn’t really free. If I can not locate an invoicing program that is free, I 'm at least looking for a fine looking invoice template that I can use to create invoices for my customers. Please, don’t recommend invoice templates from programs that cost money, like Microsoft products. :slight_smile:

Once I find something good, I’ll be sure to pay it in this forum and in others.

Thank you for your help web! :wink: