Invoice date of invoices generated by recurring invoice are not set

Good day! I am running Invoice Ninja v3.0.2 (self-hosted, white labeled).

While using the recurring invoices, everything works fine when I let the cron job run the ‘send-invoices’ and ‘send-reminders’ command. Except the invoices that are generated don’t have an invoice date set. I know it should be automatically set to the date it was generated.

Actually, the invoice_date in the database has a value of 0000-00-00

I have recently made changes and created new companies/accounts, maybe it has something to do with the timezone and date formatting I have set in the settings?

![Schermafbeelding 2020-07-27 om 19.37.50|690x322](upload://5i


Thanks in Advance!

It’s possible it’s related, you may want to test with other settings.

That’s a very old version, if it’s a bug it may have been fixed in a newer version.

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