Invoice date is not being formatted correctly

Hi Hillel,

I noticed that there’s a small bug with the date format in the invoice.

  1. It doesn’t use the locale set by the language. It says Feb-02 … The date is in english even if the rest of the invoice is in french

  2. So I decided to use this format “yyyy-mm-dd” in the localization settings. I though to myself that it was pretty international but this doesn’t work ; it replaces the month number with its english abbreviation and prints 2016-Feb-02

So in the end, I’m stuck :frowning:

Thanks to help me…

This may be related to the following fix:

Try the following steps:

  • Run this SQL query: update date_formats set picker_format = ‘yyyy-mm-dd’ where id = 8;
  • Then load any page with ?clear_cache=true added to the end of the URL


I fixed it with :

update date_formats set format = ‘Y-m-d’ where id = 8


Thanks for letting us know, we’ll include this fix with our next release.

@Hillel the fix don’t seem to have been implemented since I have the same problem 3 years later, is it something you have forget to fix ?

I configured Invoice Ninja in English since it was more easy to learn and follow with the guide but once the configuration was done I’ve put the localisation in French and produced invoice only to see later that the date was in English after my customers told me about it.

In meantime I changed to a numerical date but I’d really like to be able to use a format like “10 Mars 2019”.

Regards ! :slight_smile:

Sorry, we won’t be able to support it. You’ll need to use a numeric date format.