Invoice Customizing $clientDetails

I’m trying to remove the client email address from my invoices.
Using the default $clientDetails, I get company name address & email address. I want all of those fields except the email address to print to the invoice.

I have tried the following with limited success. I can output the individual values, but how can I get City, State ZipCode on the same line? Also, if there is no $client.address2 (if the value is empty) would like there not to be a blank space.

        "width": 340,
        "stack": [[{"text":"$"},{"text":"$client.address1"}],[{"text":"$client.address2"},{"text":"$"}],[{"text":"$client.state"},{"text":"$client.postalCode"}]],
        "margin": [

{"text":["value1", "value2"]}

Perfect… Thank you!

Any way to deal with the space created when the address2 field is blank?
I could put address 1 & 2 on the same line, but would prefer separate lines if possible. Any way to have it display only if not empty?

Thanks for your help

Not that I’m aware of, you’d need to use $clientDetails

With our recent releases you can define the $clientDetails fields on /settings/invoice_design#invoice_fields

Great, thanks. That makes it even easier.
Is there anywhere that I can find the original default code for the “Plain” invoice template?

I made changes and saved it as custom1. But I’d like to look at the original unaltered code for reference. When I click “Customize” I only see the option to edit my custom form.

Basically, how can I see the code behind the other invoice templates in order to use them as a starting point?


On the customize page if you select a design at the bottom of the page it will load it.

Got it… thanks!

Sorry for the dumb question… I didn’t notice that drop down menu down there.