Invoice changed after payment


In the EU, at least in BE/NL/DE, it is prohibited to change an invoice once it is send. The issue we are experiencing now, is that the info on a paid invoice is changed.

On an unpaid invoice, there is a field ‘Paid to date’ what is ‘0.0’ and a field ‘Balance Due’ with the total amount of the invoice. That is fine.

The problem is: when the invoice is paid, then the ‘Paid to date’ field changes to the amount the client has paid and the ‘Balance Due’ changes to ‘0.0’. So the original invoice was changed. I understand the idea behind it, but the problem is that there is no original invoice anymore. So ‘my invoice’ and the ‘clients invoice’ are two different documents now.

How can we prevent that the original invoice is changed?



In v5 we’ve add the ability to remove these fields, maybe that will help?

Hi hillel

That indeed would help.
Is that also possible in the v4 invoice design?

I just found the LOCK_SENT_INVOICES=true setting. What does this exactly do?

It may be possible in v4 with a custom design but would be challenging to implement.

That setting prevents a user from editing an invoice in the app once it’s been sent.


I like this v4.
KrisL did you find solution for v4?

If not, i think we will need to move at v5.

Hi boka003

No, I did not look further into this for now.