Internal Server Error 500 after upgrade to 5.3.19

Upgraded in app from version 5.3.10 to 5.3.19 as app told me there was an update. Now getting internal server error 500 when i try to sign in.

nothing in nginx logs or larvel logs

Any help???


Are you able to try running composer install from the CLI?

cc @david

Have run that and it installed a bunch of packages, no errors

15 installs, 80 updates

Can you try running php artisan migrate

To confirm, have you checked the logs in the storage/logs/ folder

That has solved the issue and I can sign back in.

However tells me I am on version .18 and that .19 is available. No matter what I do it won’t upgrade?

.19 is yet listed on the releases page, I assume it should be available soon.

cc @david

Weird that this finds it then!


.19 was a bad build. I had to delete it from the repository to prevent breaking upgrades.

I’ll be tagging .20 later today.

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thanks for the update!