Integromat - InvoiceNinja missing fields after release change

Hi InvoiceNinja,
I’m aware that Integromat (and not you) is making the app for InvoiceNinja. But I would still appreciate your support in making the Integromat-InvoiceNinja a bit more resilience during release upgrades.

Currently in V5 if one wants to create a client via Integromat there are no fields for “Contact First name”, “Contact Last name”, “Contact Email”. They were there in V2 but according to Integromat: The information needed to create a new client has changed on the API of Invoice Ninja, the only obligatory field it needs now is “name”.

I get it but still in practice it is a bit strange to have an integration for clients where you can’t add their details, isn’t it?

I entered a request with Integromat: Requests | Integromat Help Center. So if Integromat is positive that would work for now, but what happens when InvoiceNinja gets into V6? Probably this problem will occur again.

So maybe you could use your partner contact to discuss this to make the InvoiceNinja-Integromat integration a bit more resilient for release changes?

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We have no plans for a v6, all future releases will be v5.x for many, many years. It may help to know v5 has been our only rewrite of the app, v1 to v4 were all built on the same basic codebase.

If you’d like a more seamless experience you may want to use Zapier, we manage the integration ourselves. There isn’t anything we can do to help with Integromat.

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Clear and good to know V5 wil be here for a long time.

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Hi @beamer

I have created a HOW-TO on how to create contacts with Integromat.



Hi @ecomsilio
Thank you very much. Saved me a lot of time on finding out how to do that.

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