Installing Thai font

Trying to follow Configure — Invoice Ninja 4.5.37 documentation

I get stuck at Run grunt dump_dir already. Tried installing grunt, but then it doesn’t have dump_dir. Can a few more steps be added to the docs to guide the unsuspecting sysadmin? Or just some more help here in the forum. :slight_smile: I’ve read other posts about the same issue here, and I know some got it to work, but they were already a step ahead of me. What gruntfile do I need to use/make??


Sorry, I’m not sure if this is still supported.

I know it works if you follow the right steps, just finding out what those are is the problem. Any devs that can be reached, or any people on the forum that have successfully done this??

I’m the developer who implemented this. It worked in the past but since then other users have reported this error.

You may want to consider upgrading to v5, I believe it should automatically support Thai.

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Do you think I can just add a font to database/seeds/FontsSeeder.php without doing all the node stuff??

I don’t think it would work

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OK thanks, I’ll try v5

On v5 now, Sarabun is a Thai Google font, but somehow it is not selectable (and neither are the other Thai fonts). Any fix for that?

@ben are we able to add this font?

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It’s a government-required font, so that particular one would be really good to have.

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@hillel fonts are automatically resolved by admin panel content. If you add it to the admin panel we will automatically pick it up from Google Fonts.

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It’s a Google font. But every Thai Google Font we tried to add just didn’t get found. So we are wondering what the trick is.

Maybe you can try to replicate the issue by trying to add the Sarabun font…?

We’ll try adding the font in the next release.

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