Installation instructions inconsistent

when installing the v5 on both CentOS and Ubuntu (having no prior experience with InvoiceNinja) I struggled as the instructions were not all that clear and varied between sources (GitHub repo, GitHub wiki, docs, David’s YouTube video).
My request would be to unify the instructions and make them easier to follow.
Currently, there are some assumptions made: like that the user has node installed (and composer if building from cloned git repo vs release zip) and that he/she knows to run php artisan key:generate and that node i has to be run also for the zip as otherwise the Chromium might be absent - hence no PDF creation

I’ll continue to work on the docs… I think the youtube video complete, the only missing items from that is the assumptions that NPM and NODE are installed.

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I have updated my instructions and they should be recreateable cleanly in a fresh install on VM or on bare metal.

Yes some of the instructions were found in the readme, and some I stitched together from other places. I started as lost as you about it, with only a small advantage installing v4 once on Ubuntu server a couple years ago.

Hopefully the new instruction set is more helpful for you.

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Hi i have been struggling with the install of invoice ninja v5 feb 2023. The instructions seem to be incomplete still

Can any one direct me to the latest documentation to install invoice ninja on debian 11 or ubuntu server 22.10

If docker is the wau faward is there any upto date documentation

Many thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the recommended guide for Ubuntu:

There’s more info here:

Hi Thanks for this i struggled getting it installed on ubuntu 20.04 due to composer version not compatible.

although i have installed Portainer and installed the docker container on the latest ubuntu server LTS which has worked really well. i think going forward this will be the best way of installing invoice ninja

thanks again