Initial size of V5 window is too small - can I adjust it?


Every time I launch the A5 app on my Mac, I have to drag the lower right corner to increase the size of the window because it’s annoyingly small. Is there a way to set the size so I don’t have to do this each time?




Thanks for the feedback!

I’m not sure but we’ll look into it to try to improve it.

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I use the Mac v5 app and you are correct the window is to small when launched. there is a quick way to make it fill the screen, hold the option key, put the cursor on the left bottom corner of the window and double click.

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That’s a good trick that I used to know!! Thanks for reminding me. And thanks for your reply.
But hopefully the developers will consider my feature request.

Thanks again.
Careful of that weather!


Thanks, that’s new to me as well. Very useful!

Once this issue is implemented by the framework we’re using we should be able to support it. If you have a GitHub account please consider giving the issue an upvote.