Incorrect user shows up -

Hi there

We have two users at two separate offices with two separate user accounts logging in and using the Invoice Ninja system. It is white labelled on a Softaculous install. The problem is that occasionally we’ll see the wrong user logged in and the activity log shows the said wrong user creating invoices for that specific office - they both fall under the same company. Any ideas why this might be?

I’m not sure, if you’re able to provide steps to replicate the problem it’d be helpful.

As far as I’m aware, they’re just logging in and creating invoices as normal from the two separate sites. It doesn’t happen all the time, perhaps once a week, and once they log in and out again, all is good.

Are the users linked, ie. if you click the name in the top right can you switch between the two companies. If yes, you may want to un-link the companies.

Otherwise, there will be a new release in a few days (v3.3.1). It’d be helpful if you can test with the new version.

I’ll wait for the new version and see how it goes. If it shows up again, I’ll post on this thread.