Include Username into custom invoice design?

I am trying to include the User, i.e. firstname and lastname, who is responsible for that specific invoice and quotation into the custom invoice design. However, I cannot find the way to do so. May I know how to do that?


I don’t think it’s supported in v4 but it has been added in v5.

I am trying to download v5. However, the link provided in the documentation, i.e., is not working. May I know the correct link?


Thanks for the info.

I saw that the update from v4 to v5 require the installation of v5 as a separate app. I am using Digital Ocean droplet at the moment to self host the v4 system. Does that mean I need to setup another droplet and install v5 before I can do the migration?

You can either add a droplet or a believe it should be possible to run a second app on the same droplet. You’ll need to check with Digital Ocean for specifics.

May I know if v4 and v5 share the same database schema?

They are similar but different

Hi, I have come across the same error when trying to authenticate and migrate from v4 to v5, i.e. Error: Make sure you did proper setup with V5 of Invoice Ninja, before starting migration.

However, my setup of v5 self hosted server with the latest release 5.0.56 was smooth. Would anyone please help to identify any possible cause of that?

Here is the


[2021-02-01 08:46:50] production.INFO: db fails
[2021-02-01 08:47:03] production.INFO: db fails
[2021-02-01 08:48:48] production.INFO: latest version = 5.0.56
[2021-02-01 08:48:48] production.INFO: latest version = 5.0.56
[2021-02-01 08:51:02] production.INFO: latest version = 5.0.56

However, it doesnt look like that I have a connection issue with the mariadb since I can test the db connection smoothly in the setup page.