In what country do you store data?

Pre-purchase questions not everyone thought of?

  1. Are the paid versions hosted on-line or may we self-host?

  2. May one purchase any paid version, and self-host it - no link-backs, no ads?

Re: Paid versions. What happens at end of year if pre-paid for the year. Does the program cease to work and we rent again?

Canada requires that all identifiable data be store securely in Canada. I would like to subscribe/rent for the $10.00 so as to remove the ads, personalize it, and keep the data on you server in our country. Is that doable?

Where might I find what a “white label license” is?



All Pro and Enterprise features from the hosted app are included in the open-code. We offer a $30 per year white-label license to remove the Invoice Ninja branding from client facing parts of the app.

If you’re interested in reselling the app please email

But the question and topic are “What country do you store the data?”

The data is stored in the USA