IN shows completed in back-end and client portal even though Balance Due

Invoice Ninja shows on invoice:
Subtotal: 22,000
Paid to date: 20,000
Balance Due: 2,000
In the back-end and client portal appears completed.
Would it not be right when the back-end shows uncompleted until the Balance Due is 0?

Not sure, can you send a screenshot to

From the screenshots it looks like the payment is completed, I assume the invoice is listed as partial.

Yes, that’s right. I can see in the back-end under Invoices that there is an Overdue in red color. But the client sees in his portal completed in green color and will forget it or thinks it is done. Wouldn’t it be better to show the client also the overdue - until full payment?

If the client checks the invoices tab in the client portal the invoice should also show as partial.

This seems correct to me, once a partial payment is entered the payment itself is complete but the invoice is considered partially paid.

Ok, partial does not mean complete. Never mind. Have a grateful day!