Improving our Import | Exports - help needed!

:loudspeaker: Hi everyone! We are improving our Import|Export section in v5. If you have any anonymized datasets from other proivders we would love to use these for testing to ensure our Import|Export integration continues to improve.

It is also a great time to send over any anonymized datasets for feature requests (Tasks / Quotes / other things you’d like to see us import into Invoice Ninja!) Feel free to send me a DM including a attachment of a dataset you’d like to have supported… please ensure any sensitive/identifying information is redacted. Thanks!

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Dang… wish I had something I could offer. It’s been a while, but it would have been great to provide the stuff I had gotten out of Freshbooks… If I can get anything I will try to help. This is a feature (this and better reporting) should be the best it can be. Thanks for working to improve it.

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Could it be any data? Clients, vendors, or inventory?


Any dataset from a third party vendor that you would like to see imported into Invoice Ninja.