Improvement suggestion for the client portal

I’m looking at the client portal of v5 for the first time and have some feedback:

The Recurring Invoices tab is pretty useless. Clients can not see any details about the invoice, i.e. if a client has a couple of recurring invoices with the same amount, he wouldn’t be able to figure out which one was for which site to ask for cancellation of one of them.

even the details view does not add any helpdul information:

I just realized the v4 dashboard view is “missing” where you can see the client details and the amounts paid / due etc.


Thanks for your feedback! Are there specific fields you think should be added?

We plan to implement the client portal dashboard in the future.

cc @ben


I don’t know, say I am looking at 2 different recurring invoices I guess it would be useful to either see the product or the description to figure out what is what? Or maybe a note?