Importing invoices from Zoho Invoice

I’m new to Invoice Ninja and currently exploring options to import invoices from Zoho Invoice which I’m currently subscribed to. To do so, I have exported all my invoices into a csv file. I experienced an error during the import process and only a portion of the invoices were imported. In addition, I’m also having problems mapping the various fields to Invoice Ninja (not quite sure what are the correct headers to select when importing). Some other issues I encounter:

  1. All paid invoices were listed as “Past Due” after importing. How can I rectify this issue?
  2. I can’t locate a section to input shipping fee when creating new invoices. The shipping fee is also nowhere to be found for invoices that have been imported from the csv file. Am I able to create a custom field for this?
  3. Some product details such as SKU, unit, material etc either didn’t appear, or appeared in the wrong fields after importing. How can I synchronise these details?
  4. Discounts applied for invoices also disappeared after importing. How can I rectify this issue?
  5. Are there options to input bank account details for direct bank transfer?


What error are you seeing?

  1. You can use a ‘Paid’ which matches the total amount to have the invoices created as paid
  2. Yes, you can add a custom invoice surcharge
  3. You can retry the import by purging the data on Settings > Account Mgmt
  4. Was the field selected in the mapping?
  5. One option would be including it in the default invoice terms

Thank you for your reply. I had forgotten to screen cap the error page when the import failed, but I think it says something like Invoice Ninja is unable to import all invoices. I would like to try the importation one more time. Is it possible to just purge the data for invoices, while keeping clients, products and other data I’ve successfully imported?

When importing, what are the fields to take note of for a successful import, as I’m not quite sure how to map them correctly? Some of the important data I need to import over are name of product, material, unit , price & SKU.

Regarding shipping fee, am I able to programme the system to offer free shipping automatically when invoice amount exceeds $X?

I think for material and SKU you may need to use custom fields.

Sorry, that isn’t supported.

I have tried to import invoices again, but rather unsuccessfully. Once again, the system didn’t import all invoices in the CSV file. Pls see attached for the error message.

I’m still unable to map to specific fields during the importation, such as discounts and shipping fee. Discounts in the CSV file were not reflected after importing. Any advice on how to rectify this issue?

Which version of the app are you using?

v4.5.17. do u recommend upgrading to the latest version?

Can I also check if there’s any limits to the number of invoices, clients or products I can create for Invoice Ninja? Is it unlimited?

I don’t think upgrading to the latest v4 will help but upgrading to v5 may.

Do you see any related errors in storage/logs/

There are no limits in the selfhost version of the app.

How can I access the storage/logs/ to check?

Do you have any csv template I could use for importing invoices? Maybe this would help to minimize errors. I have tried to import over client contacts and products and they worked fine. Only the importing of invoices is having problems.

I have another question. If I import over an invoice with new products or clients that’s not already saved, would the system automatically create a new record for the client and/or product, or would I still need to create them manually?

I’m assuming you’re self hosting the app, is that correct?

We don’t have a template but it shouldn’t be need as any format can be used.

The client must already exist when importing invoices. The product does not need to exist and depending on the product settings may be automatically created/updated.

Yup, the app is self-hosted. However as I’m not a developer, I would need to check with the hosting company if they are able to do an upgrade to v5. I’m not able to do it on my end.

If you have any other advice on why I’m unable to import all invoices in the csv, or have fields mapped correctly, pls let me know. I’ve tried a few times and it’s not working :frowning:

If you see “Whoops” the details should be in the error logs

Another way to check the logs is to load /errors (or /public/errors)