IMPORT problem Zoho Invoices

I’m trying to import my previous invoices from Zoho. Unfortunately I get a lot of discrepancies. Many invoices have differing totals. There seems to be a difference between how Ninja and Zoho calculate the invoice Totals. InvoiceNinja rounds every item line where as Zoho only rounds the Total invoice amount (I think).

Is this issue corrected in v5 if so when do you think it will be available in Softaculous?

InvoiceNinja v.4.5.19 installed via Softaculous

thanks for the great software.


Softaculous will (understandably) only accept our app once we label it stable,

We think we’re getting pretty close and hope to be ready in about a month.

That makes sense, thanks for the response. Can I assume that this issue is fix in v5? It’s the only thing stopping me moving over to Invoice Ninja. I spent a few hours trying to upload v5 to my shared Hawkhost hosting but unfortunately I could not get it to work.

Maybe I have to wait.

I believe the invoice calculation will be the same as v4.

Ok, this line level or sub total rounding is new to me. How do you recommend fixing the few cent discrepancies that moving from Zoho to Invoice Ninja produces in some of my invoices?

One option may be to define an ‘Adjustment’ custom invoice surcharge to add/subtract the amount

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