import or migrate data from fusioninvoice


Is there any steps to migrate or import customer (and their contact details) invoices (related to each customer) from fusioninvoice to ninjainvoice?

Thank you

I believe it’s similar to InvoicePlane, maybe this will help…

Ok, I will give it a try.

So I download, put in the server using different sub-domain name?

That should work…

it does not work

FYI, fusioninvoice install in different domain but under the same vps.

please give me a details instruction.
thank you

I’ve reached out to the developer, hopefully he can provide more help.

It’s possible it only supports InvoicePlane, not FusionInvoice.

Hey Syimen.
It is not possible for any of us to provide detailed instructions if a ready-made converter is not available (such as the one linked by Hillel). But as he stated, this only supports InvoicePlane and not FusionInvoice.

Why I’m saying this? Because I managed to get my data from Freshbooks and move over to Invoice Ninja - AFTER A LOT OF MANUAL WORK, adjusting, fixing, importing, messing around with database and programming. Took me a good 2-3 full days of work to move over 3000+ invoices and 10.000+ payments. It would take a master class to teach you how to do this.

If you have a small database maybe the easiest way to go about this is to simply retype everything. It’s time consuming of course, but if you don’t have the technical skills then this might be the only option.

As FusionInvoice is installed on your server, you have direct access to the database, which is good. Someone might write a conversion program in the future which you could use, or you would need to hire a programmer/hacker (in the good sense of the word) to run this data conversion for you, as I did with my database.

FYI… I’ve found a converter from FusionInvoice to InvoicePlane